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Traditional Chinese Medicine Integrated Database


TCMID is offered to the public as a freely available resource. We ask that users who download significant portions of the database cite the TCMID paper in any resulting publications.

File Description Versions
prescription-TCMID.v2.01.rar(4.5M) Description about prescriptions, including name, composition, indication, use_method and reference. v2.01
herb-TCMID.v2.01.rar(280K) Description about Chinese herbs, including English and Latin names, properties, meridians, medicinal parts, herbal effect and indication. v2.01
ingredient_targets_disease_drug-TCMID.v2.03.rar(226K) Ingredient-target-disease-drug network data. v2.03
Ingredient_MS-TCMID.v2.01.rar(17K) List of herbal ingredients which contain MS spectra link to GNSP. v2.01
Herb_MS-TCMID.v2.01.rar(19K) List of herbs which contain Mass spectra. v2.01