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Traditional Chinese Medicine Integrated Database

Data Statistics

NO. of original data No. of present data
Total ingredients25,21043,413
Prescription ingredients01,045
Herbal mass spectra0778
Mass spectrometry of ingredients03,895


Traditional Chinese Medicine Integrated Database (TCMID) is a comprehensive database to provide information and bridge the gap between Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern life sciences. We have collected information on all respects of TCM including formulae, herbs and herbal ingredients. We have also collected information for drugs, diseases which are deeply studied by modern pharmacology and biomedical sciences. We bridge the two separate sets of knowledge with drug targets or disease genes/proteins.

It is well known that Traditional Chinese Medicine and conventional medicine are based on different philosophies. but they both can treat human diseases. Their common aspect is that they all treat diseases by chemical molecules which interact with dysfunctional proteins related to the diseases. Bridging the two sets of knowledge will not only promote the modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also help researchers in conventional medicine fields to uncover potential new drugs and the mechanisms of drug interactions.